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Extend learning beyond the lab and lecture with NI myDAQ

Discover how Fontys University of Applied Sciences extends learning beyond the lab and lecture with the "Lab-in-a-bag concept" using the NI myDAQ from NI.  

NI myDAQ is an affordable, student-ready measurement and instrumentation device.


released with niBCVideo v1.1


About Fontys University of Applied Sciences

With its 40.000 students, 4.000 members of staff and a range of courses covering almost every sector, Fontys University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions for higher education in the Netherlands.

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Learn more about NI myDAQ

ni mydaq

What Is NI myDAQ?

NI myDAQ is a low-cost data acquisition (DAQ) device that gives students the ability to measure and analyze live signals anywhere, anytime. NI myDAQ is compact and portable so students can extend hands-on learning outside of the lab environment using industry-standard tools and methods.

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Evaluate NI myDAQ

Purchase the NI myDAQ Instructor Examination Unit to evaluate hardware, software, and courseware for your class.

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Teaching applications: Where is NI myDAQ used?

See how NI myDAQ is used to improve student learning in circuits and electronics, mechanical measurements, signal processing, and more.

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Additional resources

Free online LabVIEW training

View a NI LabVIEW training for students and educators, presented in Swedish.

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Self-paced video training for students

A set of step-by-step tutorials, example projects, and short videos to get started with NI tools

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What is NI Multisim?

Read more about this industry-standard, best-in-class SPICE simulation environment.

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